Questions from Constituents



Under no condition will I force anyone to do something without their consent.


The reason I do not accept donations for the campaign is due to the fact I don't believe that an employee should take compensation during the interview process.

Role of the voter

It is the duty of all voters to perform their due diligence in analyzing and searching out information from all possible candidates for a position in order to make a proper choice.  As a public servant, the voter should seek out the best person for the job regardless of race, color, party affiliation, creed, or sexual orientation.  The voter should look for attributes like: intellect, problem identifying and problem solving skills, and integrity.

My role as State Senator

My duty as public servant is to represent the people of the 6th district.  In doing so as a Libertarian, I will offer private sector solutions to problems that face those I represent.  Under no condition will I expand the government machine.  I will not take money from the citizen without their consent.


Questions by Media


NRA and the Second Amendment

I have no connection of any kind to the National Rifle Association.  I fully support the second amendment and rebuke any form of government regulation to the registration or ownership of any type of firearm.

Running as a third party

I have been active with the Libertarian Party since 1996.  I have no party loyalty to central planning, but I believe in the general premise of the American Libertarian movement.  I do not apologize for being a Libertarian.  No one has ever forced me to be a candidate.

I am well aware of the barriers in regards to media and debate accesss.  The treatment I get is due to the system and its supporters.

Purpose of my campaign

My goals for this campaign are to educate Missourians about the Industrial Hemp bill signed by Greitens, and how horrible it is for the business of Industrial hemp.  I also want to solve the issue with the department of corrections in regards to those dealing with mental illness and drug addiction.  I am also going to fight to decriminalize victimless offenses to decrease the aggregate prison population in Missouri. 

Along with Industrial Hemp, I am going to fight for full cannabis reform wherein the state of Missouri allows for use of the cannabis plant as the consumer sees fit without any state regulation or tax.




The human is a creature of cognition, therefore, the mind is our greatest weapon.  But we need training and time to mature into our better selves.  It is now time for a new educational paradigm.

I promote a more aggressive and pragmatic approach.  I would maintain our present K-6 which would focus on logic, mathematics, language, and physical conditioning.  What is now considered junior high, 7-8, would begin the bridge between theory and application.  The sciences would be taught, but not in great depth.  The student would learn at their own pace without exam or measurement.

What is now called High School would become a combination of school and reality.  Each student would choose their own curriculum based on their likes, skill set, and aptitude.  Mentors would only guide the student.  At this stage, the student would be their own teacher.  The student would take what they learned in the morning, and then work alongside a mentor in a chosen profession as an apprentice.  This process will take as long as it takes for the student to master at least one market viable profession.  This new "high school" would be a combination of a modern community college or technical school, and a work-share program.

The current "Teach to the Test" is programing and not preparing the student for the real world.

In the mean time, I promote school choice and a tuition based system for all grades to ensure that the parent, student, and community remain primary stakeholders in education.


Taxation is theft.  A citizen of America should give consent for all things.  Therefore, I promote the privatization of all current state provided services.

Every market exchange should operate as "Quid pro quo", and never involve other peoples' money.


I promote the "Charity Hospital Model" in regards to all forms of human maintenance.  I suggest we follow the example of the Shriner's Hospital, and remove ourselves from for-profit medical services.


I promote a free and open Industrial Hemp strategic farming model in Missouri wherein there is no state oversight or regulation/taxation.

Cannabis is a food, and the people should be able to use it and all derivatives as they see fit.  This includes both medical and recreational use without state regulation or taxation.


The Department of Corrections has a culture problem.  This is due to the prison population as well as the officers that watch over them.

My solution to this problem begins with decriminalizing all victimless crimes.  This would mean removing people who have a connection to drugs and addiction.  I would also remove those offenders with a mental illness from the prison population.  The reason for this is quite simple: the corrections officer has many responsibilities and works in a hostile environment and should not be dealing with people going through detox or a psychosis.  Rather, they should be focused on the regimentation of the population that are violent and require constant supervision.

I would take the cost per prisoner, those related to drugs and mental illness, and take that annual budget forecast and convert it into a front loaded salary package for new officers-not management or administration.

This conversion would allow the officer position to behave somewhat like the current recruitment into our military branches wherein bonuses and incentives are given to each new recruit.  This would make the corrections officer position market competitive in a comparison rationale to, for exmaple, a county deputy or state trooper.

The end result would be that every applicant would stop seeing the Department of Corrections as a transition occupation, and would visualize it as a career.

My proposed changes would save the Missouri tax payer in the long term in regards to officer training cost turnover rate plus the annual cost per prisoner.


I promote a free and open market with no barriers to entry or state regulation of any kind.  As your state senator I would lead the way to ending all occupational licensing and certification.

The health of our market device is proportional to our courage and strength to innovate and work towards the future.

I Promise:

  • To maintain office hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Constituents will get priority over lobbyist meeting requests and committee assignments.
  • That I will not vote on a bill unless I have read the entire bill and comprehend its financial consequences.
  • To promote transparency in all state activities.

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